Your wedding flowers will help to set the tone 

and theme for your important day. 

Whether you simply require a single bouquet 

or wish to decorate the entire venue, I will be 

able to assist you in realising your dreams. 

Sourcing and arranging flowers is a lot of work, 

so I do advise against a bride in attempting to 

undertake the work themselves on their day.  

Past clients have contemplated this option as it 

can appear to be cheaper but once they realise 

the time involved it quickly puts them off. 

To begin with, you need to decide a budget. 

I believe that seasonal flowers look better 

and are generally cheaper which means 

a budget can go further. 

The average bride & groom spends a year 

planning their wedding so it is best to make 

decisions upon the dress and venues before 

trying to decide on your flowers.

The bridal bouquet is the wedding accessory 

so it must not overpower the dress. 

Please call me to arrange a free informal meeting 

to discuss your requirements. 

Meetings can be held in my Studio 

or at your home.